Has Wicker Returned? Top Reasons Why Homeowners are Switching to Wicker Furniture

Summary: The details and textures of wicker furniture can turn any dull home, into a vibrant, detailed lounging spot.

When you hear the word “wicker”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it your grandparent’s old furniture that they’ve kept in their living room for decades? Maybe something that’s outdated and has no place in your living room. Well, wicker furniture is back, and it’s no longer considered old and clashing. Rather, wicker furniture and décor are complimentary to one another and gives a fresh, natural vibe to any living space.

Differentiating Wicker and Rattan

Wicker, short for wickerwork, is a woven combination of pliable materials. Wicker furniture can be either natural or synthetic, depending on the use. Although natural wicker is primarily used for indoor purposes – so when you’re shopping around for Lane Venture wicker pieces, be sure you allocate them in your home appropriately.

Rattan on the other hand, is a natural material often used in wickerwork. The plan looks like a common palm but is actually more vine-like. Rattan palm and the core is used in the furniture’s framework and accents.

Add Texture to Your Home

While pattern and color are two of the most coveted aspects in the design process, playing around with texture can add something far more appealing. A woven wicker set can work well in your living room and can tastefully bring the outdoors in. With a soft, neutral color palette, you can add a spice of color and texture to the room. Wicker Paradise, a leading wicker furniture supplier, carries a number of highly-texturized wicker pieces that complement any living space.