How to Make a Room More Spacious

Summary: If you want to make a room in your house appear more spacious, read below for some tips on how to make the most of the limited space you have.


When people walk into your house you want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. A difficult task many people struggle with when decorating a living space is achieving a sense of balance. If you have too many items in a given room it may appear too crowded and busy. On the other hand, if you have very little in the room it may come across as too bare and empty.


No matter the situation, without modifying the structure or layout of the house, there is only so much physical space one has to work with in any room. It does not matter if you purchase furniture from The Foam Factory or other online stores; there are some design techniques any individual can follow to make their room more spacious.


Multi-Functional Pieces


If you feel like a room does not have enough space, you can make good use of multi-functional pieces to make better use of each square inch you have. These pieces combine multiple functions into a single item, making it possible to reduce the amount of overall furniture you have out on display.


A patio cushion or coffee table can become much more than just surfaces to rest things on. An example of a multi-functional coffee table could have its top removed to reveal a storage area for books, plates, or any other small and loose items that do not need to be out in the open.


Psychological Tricks


If you simply want to make a room appear more spacious with minimal effort, there are some techniques you can use to fool the brain. Light colors for your walls make the room feel more open, while darker colors absorb light, ultimately making the room feel tinier. Similarly, a mirror can make the room feel more expansive than it actually is.