How to Replace Damaged Wood Shingles

shingle-repairSome of the factors that determine the durability of wood shingles depend on the climate, the slope of the roof and the weather that they are exposed to.

In the situation where you suspect your roof is leaking, then it’s a good idea to check on the roof for broken, curled or split shingles or even look in the attic for signs of dampness.

While shingles that are lifted from the roof can be nailed down again, cracked, warped, missing or broken shingles have to be replaced. So here are some steps to replace damaged wood shingles:

#1: First off, split the shingle along the wood grain using a hammer and chisel pulling out as many pieces as possible.

#2: Slide a flat bar right under the shingle and then remove the nails with a few blows of the hammer. For a cleaner job, use a special shingle ripper or a hacksaw to cut off the nails. Keep in mind that you must not damage the roofing material under the shingle.

#3: Now cut a replacement shingle which should be ½ an inch narrower. Remember to leave ¼ inch on either side so as to leave space for expansion thanks to moisture.

#4: Use a hammer to put the replacement back into place stopping only when there is a ¼ inch space with its neighbors as well as on both sides.

#5: Finally, drive two nails at the bottom of the replacement shingle and angle it slightly upwards. Now place a wooden block against the replacement and tap it upwards for the final ¼ inch.