3 Reasons Why You Should Use Stucco For Your Home

Stucco, also known as render, is used for exterior finishes since the 90s. While it has already been considered as a durable product, there have been a number of enhancements that have been made in the form of new additives to strengthen as well as add flexibility.

That said, here are 3 reasons why you should use Stucco for your home:

#1: Affordable

This type of finish can be completed sooner than usual and saves on installation costs. On an average, it takes a week to complete work on an average style home. Not only is the price per square foot better than siding options but it is better than the brick options that are available.

#2: Attractive

Render can be applied no matter what style or design you use. It doesn’t matter since render is very versatile. So, any texture or print that you want can be imprinted once it has been applied. Since there is a wide variety of styles and colors, they can be used for any environment in a number of homes. For that matter, you might have admired the exterior of a home when in fact, it was due to the render used.

#3: Durable

The best reason why it is a good idea to use Stucco is because once you apply this finish, you will never have to maintain it ever again. In the instance where you have to add a new coat, applying a new fog coat should do the trick. As for cleaning it, use some soap as well as a garden water hose. Not only is water but also fire resistant as well.