Choose the perfect style and design for your house number

The selection of a perfect house number plays a pivotal role in creating the first impression. It is almost the first thing that one encounters whenever someone comes around your house, let it be neighbors, guests, or someone just delivering the post. Here are some key factors according to California Mailboxes when selecting a style and design for your house number:

The most important factor is to select the house number that is of the most suitable size, color, and font.


The size of the house number can be determined by measuring the distance between the house number and the middle of the street. The size should be such that the number is easily available from that distance.


The color of the number should contrast with the surface. Colors like white, black, red and metallic colors are the most commonly used. When choosing a color, you can also match it with the rest of the mailbox, so it matches, for example, the post color on column mailboxes.


The font of the house number is equally important. Thick sans serif fonts are commonly used owing to their maximum visibility.

Once the desired house number has been selected, it must then be printed on a sheet of paper which has the color that is like that of the background on which it is to be mounted.

The printed house number should then be mounted at the spot from where it is most easily visible.

The perfect house number will create a great first impression as it will help in locating your house quite easily and make it stand out among others.