Designing a Ground Level Deck

ground-level-deckGround level decks compared to raised decks provide a dramatic outdoor living space. They are also simpler to build and blend in with the home more than raised decks due to its scale to the surrounding yard. It may not even require any railings that usually limit the use of the outdoor space and block views from the deck. Here are few design techniques in order to create an outstanding ground level deck.


  • Consider wide steps rather than typical narrow steps. They can provide a place for container plants and is a good platform for other decorative objects, and can be used for additional seating.
  • Consider different angels to create a space rather than a square deck.
  • Use container plants and hanging baskets to add interest.
  • Use a decorative perimeter such as washed river rock to create an oasis feeling.
  • Use lush green to enhance the appearance of the deck as well as to provide privacy.
  • Consider the shape of the yard space as well as the shape of the home in designing the deck.
  • When placing furniture do not block any views and use them to enhance the function of the deck.
  • An arbor or pagoda can also enhance the design and function.