Growing Bamboo in the Garden

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backyard-bambooIf you are planning to landscape your garden consider adding bamboo plants to give it a tropical flair you will love. Not to mention the tranquil rustling sound of the leaves.

Bamboo plants can be directly planted in to the ground or planted in large pots. One fact to remember when planting bamboo is that they need plenty of water and should never be allowed to dry out. Therefore it is advisable to install an irrigation system at the time of planting or plant it alongside a pond.

There are two types of bamboo, the running variety and the clumping variety. The clumping variety is easier to maintain. The different varieties grow to various height and most types spread very fast. General clipping will help restrict the spread of the plant. The soil conditions needed varies with the type of bamboo and you need to take in to consideration your soil type before purchasing the plant. Smaller bamboo plants need shelter from strong winds which can damage them.

When growing bamboo you will have bundles of spent bamboo canes. You can use these to make wind chimes which give out a unique sound of being in a jungle.