How to choose a dining chair

Summary: When looking for a new dining chair set, consider the table ensure that the dimensions fall within certain parameters to ensure maximum comfort and utility.

Here is a quick primer on choosing the right dining chair set for your home.


In the days of our grandparents, the dining table and chairs all matched. These days, mixing and matching are more common. When choosing a table and chairs, you don’t have to find something that matches, as long as it shares some design element. For example, if the table has a certain type of leg, try matching that with the chair, while doing something different with the seats and cushions.


When it comes to choosing the size of the chair, for a standard armless dining chair, look at something around 22 inches wide. A bigger chair is only practical if you have the space for it and the room is much bigger. As a rule, avoid chairs less than 17 inches wide and bigger than 24 inches.

Another rule is to maintain at least 12 inches between the top of the table and the top of the seat cushion. With the typical dining table standing about 30 inches high, the top of the seat should be at the 18-inch mark.


A dining chair should be easy to move around. If the chair is heavy, there should be something to grip like slats to make it easier to move. If the chair is upholstered and tough to grip, it should lighter. Think about function over form; the chairs should be usable for both children and the elderly.

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