How to Deter Mailbox Thieves from Stealing Your Sensitive Information

Summary: Identity thieves are constantly searching for new targets. An insecure mailbox is the perfect target – not to mention an easy grab.

While you might believe that identity thieves are primarily looking to steal information via the Internet, the old-fashioned mailbox remains a target. These bold troublemakers have little to no reservations about stealing any sensitive information that’s out in the public and will care less whom their target is. And, an experienced thief can use certain documents like bank statements or utility bills to open up financial accounts in their name. When it comes to maximizing home security, keeping your mailbox safe is as critical as keeping your entire home safe. Here are some strategies that you can invest in to keep intruders away from your information.

Locking Mailbox

If you own one of the many aluminum mailboxes that can be simply opened by any passerby that wishes, all a thief needs to do to gain access to your information is open the box while you’re at work.

You’re essentially leaving all the important documents like your credit card bills, banks statements, invoices, and others that provide criminals with more than enough information to claim your identity. Sturdy mailboxes that lock are recommended if you live on a crowded street. They simply utilize a lock and key system that deters intruders from invading your privacy. California Mailboxes, OC’s number one mailbox supplier, can help you find the right type of secure mailbox for your household.

Hold Your Mail

If you’re planning on going out of town for a vacation, it’s crucial that you contact your postal service and ask them to hold your mail. Experienced criminals tend to scout out homes for several days to check whether people have picked up their mail or not. An overstuffed mailbox is a gold mine for thieves and a clear sign that you’ve gone away. On the other hand, you can hold your mail for the time that you’re gone and have it delivered the day you arrive back into town. This maximizes the overall level of your home security and prevents information from falling into the wrong hands.