How to Free Up Space in Your Houseboat

Summary: Houseboats are notorious for being cramped and small. However, with a bit of adding and replacing, you can turn your tiny home into a spacious work of art.

Living on a houseboat can be cramped to say the least. However, there are some strategic methods that can free up some space, so you can enjoy the most out of your houseboat.

Fold Your Furniture

Most of the time, houseboats are designed for one or two people, with the exception of the larger boats. Unless you are comfortable with your guests sitting on the floor, you’ll want to create ample seating for everyone. However, this does not mean that you need to display extra furniture at all times. Try investing in a few folding pieces that can fold away when you have company over.

Invest in Storage Pieces

Houseboats have a designated living quarter that’s perfect for storing unwanted items. In small spaces it makes sense to choose storage solutions that are vertical in stature and can hold items like books, lamps, and other items that you need. Keeping your houseboat organized and clean is the number one rule when it comes to creating space. The more clutter that you have around your room, the less space you’ll have to work with.

Utilize Corners Effectively

Awkward corners can eat up precious space. While leaving them out may make your space feel somewhat larger, the opposite is actually true. Carve out a corner to add your useable space. For example, adding a small corner desk or creating a small home office setup can make your living space look more spacious – although you don’t want to overdo it. Remember, simplicity is key.

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