How to Handle Sudden Departure of Management for Construction Projects

Learning that the manager of a construction project has left suddenly can cause feelings of disarray in a company. However, the project still needs to reach completion, which means you must craft a focused plan for addressing the problem. Here are some tips from Lyle Charles, a veteran consultant in the industry.

Assess Health and Safety

The departure of a construction manager might mean confusion in execution, or it might mean that employees are now subject to a variety of health and safety issues. When the latter is the case, the project will need to come to a halt while you look into construction turnaround services.

Temporarily Take the Role

If you have knowledge in areas such as construction claims management and project direction, consider temporarily taking on the role. At the least, you can divide the construction group into teams with leaders for each team.

Procure Short-term Management

Fortunately, you can look into professionals from interim short term management services. Hiring a permanent manager in a short period of time can mean that you rush into the process. With this type of service, you can gain a leader of the group while you are searching for a permanent replacement.

Begin the Interview Process

Bringing cohesion and unity back to your construction team is important, so you shouldn’t waste time before you begin the search. Consider why the previous construction manager left suddenly, and see if you can prevent any of those issues from happening with the new hire.

Losing the construction manager can seem like a prodigious problem, but you can start to resolve it now.