How to keep your mail secure

Raiding and stealing mail is a common problem that identity thieves employ. With just a few documents from your mail, an identity thief can craft a narrative to open financial accounts and credit in your name without you even knowing. Even worse, is that the confirmation of these actions will arrive in your mailbox and stolen without your knowledge. However, with just a few simple steps you can secure your mail, and your life, from identity thieves. Here are some tips from California Mailboxes to do just that:

Locking mailbox

The first (and most obvious) step would be to invest in a locking mailbox. Very few homes look at security mailboxes because they don’t think it is necessary. Without a secure mailbox, all someone needs is to come at night and take whatever mail is in the box.

Monitor bills

There are a certain set of bills, like a credit card bill, utility bills, bank statements, etc. that all arrive around the same time every month. Keep a track and record of everything that comes in and contact them if a bill or statement hasn’t arrived.  If you feel like the bill was taken, contact the fraud department of bank or utility immediately.

Hold mail

One of the problems with extended vacations is that a lot of mail will collect. When someone sees a stuffed mailbox, you are at risk of either robbery or mailbox vandalism and theft. The easy solution to this problem is to talk to your post office and ask them to hold your mail until you return.