How to Save Space in an Apartment

space-saving-apartmentWhen living in an apartment you have to maximize the limited space available. This can be successfully achieved with a little creativity and changes to your lifestyle.

Minimize the use of furniture

Have only the essential items of furniture. Have a few pieces which can be used for multiple purposes, such a bed with storage space underneath. Have a few large pieces of furniture rather than many small items.
Use wall lights: this will not take up any floor space as a table and lamp. Where this is not possible use a sleek floor lamp placed in a corner.

Install shelves: shelves above the sink or toilet can be used to store towels and cosmetics instead of a floor standing cabinet in the bathroom and shelves above a bed or table in the bedroom will give added storage space.

Choose sleek modern furniture: do not use a bulky sofas and dining tables, they take up space and clutters the place. Use
folding chairs when you have guests and store them away when not needed.

Remove all clutter

Have only the necessary amount of kitchenware, linen, shoes and clothes. If you are getting any new items give away the old items to reduce clutter.