Share Your Memories With Shadow Boxes

Along the journey through life we manage to pick up quite a few mementoes of our travels. These could actually be literal mementoes of travels like commemorative thimbles or state spoons. Beyond these trip trinkets there are many other types of life memorabilia that can trigger wonderful memories. The best way to keep those memories alive is to have those mementoes on open display and the best way to accomplish that is by placing them within shadow boxes or flag cases.

As a matter of classification, shadow boxes are like dioramas that you can create a three dimensional scene within the confines of the box. These are the same dioramas you might have created as a school project. The term “shadow” comes from the fact that the objects in the box can actually cast a small shadow. The placement of these items also allow light to pass over the box without causing damage to the items themselves.

Shadow boxes containing service medals are often given to military personnel upon their retirement. This is a wonderful way to encapsulate an entire military career within on specific box that contains medals, awards and badges. Flag cases are also given a presents to these servicemen and women displaying a flag that might have flown over their base.

Another touching use of flag cases or shadow boxes would be as a memorial to a fallen individual who served the country. In these incidents, the flag cases could hold the flag used in the memorial service.

Shadow boxes can also be custom made to fit the theme of the items to be included within. For instance, a shadow box can be made in the form of a ship’s steering wheel for a nautical theme. They can also be made in the shape of a jersey or uniform as a proper way of displaying those types of items.

Another use of shadow boxes is to make a special wedding or new baby gift. For those who are artistically inclined, you can collect keepsakes from those events and place them within a shadow box. The choice of backgrounds can be things like wrapping from presents or even a distinct piece of tablecloth from an event. As a wedding anniversary present, shadow boxes could contain ticket stubs and programs from the many events shared by the couple. Each of those items could stir up plenty of great memories.

There are probably framing stores in your neighborhood which could take some of the shadow boxes you order on line along with your mementos and arrange them in perfect pattern. Once you’ve presented shadow boxes or flag cases to a special person they can then be hung on a wall or placed on a mantel piece for continuing viewing. There is no reason to keep your memories locked up in a trunk when you can put them on a beautiful display!