Spring Cleaning for Your Yard

spring-cleaning-gardenSoon spring will be upon us. Some early spring pre planning will help you to get your garden in shape for the summer. A well maintained yard increase the value of your home.

When you get a break from the inclement weather, rake debris and dead grass from your lawn and clean the planter boxes by removing dead plants. This is the time to check for bald spots in your yard. You need to aerate these spots by loosening soil. Most of the new seed packages now come with mulch, no need to add any. Simply spread seed according to instructions.

Keep in mind from February to October; you need to fertilize your lawn at least once a month. Avoid windy days and dewy morning may be the best time to spread fertilizer. Use a spreader for even distribution. Avoid applying fertilizer when the outside mercury is high, say over 90 degrees.

Your plant beds need fertilizer more often than your yard. Apply fertilizer during the growing period at least every seven to 14 days.

Any moving of your lawn should be light during early spring. Take only the top one third and if possible leave all the clippings.