Types of foam padding

Written by The Foam Factory

There are several types of foam padding available in the market today. They include outdoor foam (closed cell), polyurethane and memory foam. The most important is to select the right foam for the right product. Here is a breakdown of the different types of foam padding and its suitable applications:

Polyurethane foam

This type of foam is good for dog and pet beds, as a layer or a larger part of mattress covers. The most popular use of this foam is for the packing materials in shipping. Most packages we receive will have some form polyurethane inside to shield the item.

Memory foam

Memory foam application is limited to use at home. The most prominent use is as a topper or a mattress. However, there are also pillows and cushions that use memory foam. All of these applications make use of the additional comfort and support provided by memory foam.

Closed cell foam

Closed cell foams like dryfast foam are perfect for outdoor use. They are not porous so do not hold or allow any moisture inside. Typical uses include outdoor cushions, boat cushions, exercise equipment (seats etc). Other uses include insulation and as gaskets.

Laminated foam chips

This type of foam padding is what you will find in yoga mats, gym mats and even carpeting. They are soft but not as durable as some other types of flexible foam.


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